Protection of business reputation, litigations with mass media

Recently, various publications in the press and social media have resulted in reputational damage lawsuits.


Business reputation or goodwill is a company asset, albeit intangible.  Counterparties and clients look to it in order to evaluate company’s market reliability and whether it can be trusted. In essence, business reputation is used to describe the ideas and beliefs the public at large has regarding the reliability, decency and professional expertise of a person or a company.


Defamation disputes with the media in cases of protection of reputation are mainly resolved in the framework of article 152 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation.

Russian antitrust legislation applies to reputation disputes as unfair competition cases only when the parties are competitors. 


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Article by the labour law specialist from "Brand und Partner" in the magazine "Trudoviye Spory"

The lawyer in labour law, Marina Akeeva prepared an article for the January issue of the magazine "Trudoviye Spory".


The article is dedicated to the contestation of fines imposed by migration authorities. This article describes the intricacies of the court's jurisdiction over the company's disputes against the migration authorities.


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Interview with Thomas Brand in the magazine "Trudoviye Spory"

In the January issue of the magazine "Trudoviye Spory" was published an interview with the managing partner of "Brand und Partner" Mr. Thomas Brand.


The interview covers current problems in Russian migration legislation and the main differences between Russian and German labour law.


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