About us

We are a German-Russian company both from a legal and cultural standpoint. The company was founded by Thomas Brand (a German lawyer), who is currently its CEO.

Our main areas of concentration are civil, tax, corporate, and procedural law. Our company employs more than 15 lawyers, attorneys, and tax consultants, allowing us to provide a full package of services. Our main domains are corporate and tax law, real estate, trade, and procedural law. Our lawyers have accumulated longstanding experience working for German and international companies, and perform at an international level with the ability to speak German, English, and Russian. We offer interaction with a small team of lawyers, face-to-face cooperation, and collaboration with partners.

Thomas Brand has, for more than 20 years, provided advice to foreign investors in respect of various investments and transactions in Russia, as well as trade law pertaining to joint ventures, mergers, and acquisitions, as well as real estate issues. Mr. Brand is the Chairman of the Legal Committee of the Russian–German Foreign Trade Chamber, a Member of the Board of the Russian–German Foreign Trade Chamber, and a legal counsel for the Austrian Foreign Trade Office in Moscow.

Before setting up Brand & Partner Limited Liability Company, Mr. Brand was the manager and partner of a German company’s legal department in Moscow employing more than 30 lawyers in addition to also being responsible for providing legal advice in Belarus and Kazakhstan. Mr. Brand began his career in Clifford Chance in Frankfurt and Moscow.

As our company is a member of The Alliuris Alliance of International Business Lawyers and EUROJURIS, we have multiple international contacts and are able to refer any issues in any field to reliable partner companies, enabling us to operate globally without being a large company.

Our Clients

Our clients are Austrian and German companies that have long invested, or are planning to invest, in Russia, as well as leading companies in the Russian or international market.

We offer advice to medium-sized, large-scale businesses and groups of companies engaged in various industries (motor vehicles, trade, construction, industrial machinery, infrastructure, IT, agriculture, etc.). If you are interested, we will be happy to provide you the list of our clients.

Pro Bono 

As a socially minded company, we engage in pro bono projects. Pursuant to applicable laws, we provide advice to social and cultural organizations and vulnerable individuals. For example, among other companies in Moscow, we offer comprehensive legal advice to the Moscow Humboldt Rotary Club.

Such activities in Russia are governed by the Laws on Non-Commercial Organizations and Charity Organizations.

Should you find yourself in need of our assistance (for example, to set up a non-commercial organization in Russia), we will be pleased to provide accommodation.

We remit a part of our income to charity companies. If you would also like to donate or are interested in specific projects, do not hesitate to contact us.