Intellectual Property​

In the Russian Federation, intellectual property rights are particularly vulnerable and call for highly qualified protection. Success is often contingent on rights holders’ reasonable and meaningful action-taking during the initial stages of registering their intellectual property assets and the rights to them.

We will assist you in registering trademarks, software, and patents on inventions, utility models, designs, etc.

Our experts are willing to draw up and register license agreements.

Apart from advising you on all aspects of intellectual property management and legal protection, including trademarks, copyright, patents, and technology transfer issues, our experts will also conduct the required legal reviews.

We will provide you with legal support during the creation and utilization of subjects of copyright and related rights, protection of exclusive rights to intellectual property assets, and give advice in regards to their creation, utilization, transfer, and disposal.

We represent our clients in patent-related lawsuits, trademarks, and copyright, and help them secure their intellectual capital and property.