Real Estate and Construction Practice​

Direct investments usually fall under the acquisition or construction of real estate. We support various transactions of our Clients related to the construction of manufacturing facilities and commercial property (shopping malls, office centers) leading all the way up until they are sold. We address all legal issues related to construction and real estate, and conduct the due diligence required for a decision to purchase or a refusal to acquire. The Russian real estate market will soon join the worldwide leading real estate markets. The need for offices, apartments, shopping malls, and other infrastructure is already very high and will continue to grow.

While more than ten years have passed since the effective date of the Russian Land Code, which was the first since the 1917 October Revolution to effectuate private ownership of land, real estate practice remains one of the most complicated fields of law. Naturally, some important reforms, such as the reform introducing the state real estate cadastre, have led to significant changes. Today, most information on land parcels and buildings can be found on the official website of the respective federal authority.

Currently, we are providing legal support for the construction of several modular thermal power plants for industrial use, the sale of a large shopping mall in Moscow, and the construction of four manufacturing facilities in the Moscow Region and Saint Petersburg. Apart from that, we are engaged in legal support for such landmark projects as the construction of the second stage of the Mariinsky Theatre in Saint Petersburg, the construction of two high-rise buildings Mercury Tower and Evolution Tower in Moscow City Moscow International Business Centre, Okhta Centre, and other massive vanity projects in Russia.